Who we are

isixeko Energy is a company formed by professionals with extensive engineering, project management, renewable energy, legal and finance background to originate and provide turnkey solutions in respect of solar PV renewable energy projects and is 100% black women owned organization. isixeko Energy relies on a partnership operating model to deliver a world class solar PV renewable energy solution. The model propagates putting together the right equipment and specialized professionals to deliver the solution.

Project Finance
Medium to large scale solar farms with Boot contracts enabled through Power Purchase Ageements
Solar & Storage
With the introduction of Energy Storage, we now have the technical capabillity to create resilient and self-healing networks that effectivley interact with renewables, microgrids, mini-grids and fully distributed generation
Operational Management
The most advanced AI-Powered platform for solar, energy storage and distribution fully intereated across all finacial, operational and management systems.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage is critical to decarbonizing the power system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's also essential to build resilient, reliable, and affordable electricity grids that can handle the variable nature of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. There are different energy storage solutions available today, but lithium-ion batteries are currently the technology of choice due to their cost-effectiveness and high efficiency.

Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that can store energy from different sources and discharge it when needed. BESS consist of one or more batteries and can be used to balance the electric grid, provide backup power and improve grid stability.

Our Services

A Powerful and Innovative Solar Solution

Project concept, Energy yields, Project schematics, Finacials
Construction Management
Project planning & scheduling, Construction monitoring & planning
Procurament Management
Technical specification, RFP, Bid evaluation, Contract Management
Quality Management
In-process inspection of all componets, Plant audits
Site Management
Review of topographic survey, Hydrology studies, Grid feasability and impact assement studies.
Multi-disciplanary Engineering
PV plant (DC), AC side engineering, Substations, Civil infastructure and civil Works.

Our Partner Network

We continually source the best global products at competitive prices, allowing our industry leading team of professionals to implement an integrated energy solution that will completely change the way you consume and generate energy, forever.

  • Enginering
  • Procurament
  • Construction

isixeko Renewable Eenergy delivers considered commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar projects. Well-versed in complexity, our structural engineers design, and our construction crews install and build full mechanical solutions for rooftop, carport, fixed-tilt and tracking PV mounting challenges. We have international experience and local edge. Based in Johannesburg, we have a sound understanding of how to navigate the environmental, regulatory and political conditions unique to South Africa, Subsaharan Africa and the Middle East.

About Us

Let's Number Speak

in total Battey Storage Deployed
in total Solar Farms Build
CO2e tonnes of Carbon Saved
Why Us

More Productive Business

We recognise the need for power and intend to provide essential services to the masses. Today, there are many people living without access to these basic public services that could improve their quality of life. We have developed a product and strategy that provide the tools and support to government to enable them to make a sustainable impact in under-served communities in South Africa. Using large-scale, multi-disciplinary solutions, we deliver power, energy storage and managed services directly to communities ensuring convenience and minimum disruption. We drive the project from supporting the ideation of custom custom solutions to seeing through operations. We have the capacity to manage staffing, maintenance, unique operational planning and support, customised data-capturing solutions and tech-based security tools to ensure our partners’ investments stay on track to make the impact they were designed to make.

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